An Introduction

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Hey hey, so this is the first post of this blog, what a big day! Without further ado, let me write a short paragraph about what I plan to do with it.

Whether it is about technology, nature, travel, mathematics, productivity or love, I will always write about subject that matter to me and that I feel can help other people in some way.

In this post, I just would like to write about something that I believe is of importance to most of us. To some degree, every being is highly sensitive to nature and this sensitiveness always will be in us. In my case, for various reasons, I did not take the time to experience this amazing faculty in the past few months. After living an unexpected difficult experience which got me thinking very deeply about others and myself, I recently felt the need to be again very close to nature, this home that has always been there for us humans. Always there to listen without judgement, always there to indicate the next step to take between the millions of possible paths life can take, always there to remind us that everything is and will be alright.

This practice of being almost one with nature is something we should spend more time experiencing. Most of us nowadays spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media and similar platforms, which have the tendency to make us blind to reality. Don’t get me wrong, they are really useful at times, but if we are honest, we unfortunately tend to use them a bit too excessively. This makes us see life of others as the supreme achievement since it seems everyone is happy, beautiful, rich, always traveling to wonderful places, and we end up wondering why our life is not that way. Why is it that others are always having fun while we are struggling everyday? Why do others have everything we want and we have nothing? But wait, why are we looking at this post/picture/video in the first place? Usually we don’t even know who it is. So why do we care so much? For a second, looking at such “nice” content makes us forget about ourselves and our seemingly over-complicated life. But the truth is that our life will not get any easier so simply. Life is hard for everyone, even for the person in the most beautiful scenery, even for the individual who seems to have it all. And this is what we tend to forget. Life gives us every single day a fair share of challenges which sometimes seem unjust or too difficult to solve, that other people seem to never have to deal with. But in truth it is alright, and it is so because that is how humans grow in life and learn about others, themselves and the world. It is alright to struggle and not feel happy every single day, it is alright to feel lonely, it is alright to not be perfect, it is alright to be human!

Then, it all boils down to making choices that actually do help us. For example, reducing the time on such medias could help focus on what really matters to us. For that, there are great apps and tools we can install on phones and computers to limit ourselves to some maximum time on certain apps for example. Another approach could also be to decide taking time completely alone to figure out how to solve one’s problem, which is tough, especially today with the endless “scrolling” at our fingertips. There is nothing more difficult than to acknowledge that sometimes we do not need the instant gratification social media brings, but what we need is some time without any of it. I won’t lie, I struggle everyday with that, but knowing that only time and myself will help me during hard times, it makes it easier to make a decision that will be beneficial in the long-term. Of course, family, friends and relatives are always there to help, but ultimately we are the one deciding which path we take. I mentioned previously going in nature because that is what helps me, but there are of course many more ways to better know ourselves.

Well I hope that after trying to write about the subject of life more objectively than what social media might display everyday, people will be aware that they are great too, just the way they are, and that it is worth it to start making small changes to make their life better. Also, here I restricted to social media, but there are of course many other time-consuming activities out there that also don’t bring lasting happiness but just a feeling of brief satisfaction. Alright, I guess this is enough as an introductory post, I still have no idea what the next one will be about, but we’ll see soon 🙂

Let me know what you think about all of it! What impact has nature on you? What activities do you practice to have a sense of deep satisfaction? What are your thoughts about the way we use social media today? When do you think social media becomes too time-consuming?

(By the way I took the cover picture this morning while walking around, and I learnt so much around these trees! Maybe some of you will feel something when looking at it, I leave you with two more 😉 )

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